Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Revolution – spearhead by Imran Khan ?

I am listening word “Revolution” quite a bit these days. Every other person I converse say “inqalab aa raha hai” we need revolution to change this country. Everyone is waiting for “The One” whom will change the fortune of this nation & country. Sadly we don’t want to change over selves, our family, our neighbors, only waiting to be changed. Change should start from where we live & breadth by none other then our own selves. This part of the world (Pakistan) is not made for the things like revolution. We as a nation divided into so many religious & social sects that a Revolution means chaos / anarchy.

This part of the world is more civilized in 2500 BC, then it is now. For me to make revolution happen there should be some kind of moral plan for people whom will head this revolution & people who will take part in it.

Take example of great Imran Khan. He is a vocal supporter of revolution and to make it happen he wants people with strong moral values to go into parliament. Just look at his support for the candidates in parliamentary elections in Pakistan & UK.

  1. in NA 55 poll his candidate was Ijaz Khan Jazi a notorious criminal of Rawalpindi & he fully taken part in his election campaign.
  2. in PP-160 polls his candidate, Zaheer Abbas Khokar a former PPP MNA was involved in unlawful activities. Khan supported him.
  3. in NA 123 polls his candidate was Hamid Meraj Din (son of a prominent politician, Mian Meraj Din (owner of Crown Cinema) and famous land grabber in Baghbanpura area of Lahore. Khan also fully supported him.
  4. In UK Elections he supported Zac Goldsmith, (Jemima khan brother) for Richmond Park parliamentary seat. Interestingly, Zac Goldsmith’s opponent Susan Kramer was against Iraq & Afghan wars. Zac Goldsmith has a anti-immigration stand which is a very sensitive issue for UK based Pakistanis & his party supported Iraq & Afghan wars but despite that Imran Khan supported him. Zac was also involved in Election expense allegations which are still in investigation process. Sadly no word from Imran Khan.

Is he a reliable candidate to spearhead revolution? My view NO......
will try to update this blog in future about Imran Khan's split personality.
My gratitude to Ahsan Fida for acting as a catalyst & making me write this blog